Thursday, July 23, 2009


My cousins came to visit!
Sarah feeding the boys.
Asia and Daniel-boy "fishing".

The kiddos.

Us girls.
The cousins.
We had a blast...we're so glad that you could visit.

Curious George @ the Youzem

Curious George came to a Museum near we took Asia... She LOVED it!!

The kiddos, Grammy, and George.
Asia giving George a huge hug.
Asia with TJ the Tiger.

4th of July

Asia is now really afraid of fireworks. Almost every nap and bedtime she asks me if there are going to be fireworks.
The men.
Asia didn't want her picture taken...we tricked her by telling her that we wanted to take pictures of the flowers that she picked for me.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Marathon...

I'm just warning you...this might be the longest post ever!!! I've had quite a lot of ideas for blogging...just haven't been able to... So, to explain...and to catch you all up... Here it goes!

I know...I know...They look soooo cute playing here together!!!
But, what would you say if I told you that they were all teething together too!?! YIKES! The boys each have their two bottom teeth. And I think Asia is trying to get her two year molars. Leif started us getting one...then, Slater got both of his...and after quite a bit of waiting and screaming and lack of sleep...Leif finally got his second one. Still waiting on Asia's...but I think it will be a while.

PART 2: Minnesota
Did I mention that while this was going on...we got this fabulous idea to go to Minnesota for a family wedding reception?!? We(by that I mean Brian) drove through the night to get there... The kids slept one of the nights that we were there...and didn't sleep the other two. Then, Brian drove through the night to get us home. The kiddos still aren't back to sleeping through the night from that trip...which was three weeks ago. The kiddos with the newlyweds.
Asia on the carousel @ the Mall of America.
The kiddos with the great grandparents on Brian's side.
Asia having lunch with "Cousin" Ethan.

PART 3: Father's Day
Daddy and his Princess
Daddy and the boys...this was their very first time in the Lake.
PART 4: Pool Time
We had about 1 1/2 weeks of typical Missouri type weather...96+ degrees...and VERY humid. The kids spent a whole lot of time in the pool. They really loved it.
I took about 50 shots to get one in which they were all looking at the camera.

My precious Goofball!!!

As many of you know...We're planning on moving to the Philippines. So, I've been trying to get paperwork in order... Holy Cow! What a fiasco! First, I was told to fill out the wrong forms!!! Then, I was told that I first had to send various documents to three different Secretary of States. Then, send them to two different embassys/consulates. Oh, and also I had to get new birth certificates/marriage licenses because they couldn't be more than a year old. haha Laugh or Cry. I choose to laugh!!

PART 6: Waiting to Exhale
Or should I say waiting on Leif to exhale...
And the latest craziness!!! Our darling Leif had been strangely turning blue. As in not breathing and turning blue. So, to make a LONG story short...after going to my pediatrician and finding out he has a heart murmur. Then, being sent to a pediatric cardiologist... We found out that Leif has an "innocent" murmur... it's actually quite "normal" and he should out grow it by the time that he's three or so. However, that is not what is causing him to turn blue. That is actually caused by something called "Breath Holding Spells" (BHS). It's his body's reflex to being scared, frustrated, in pain, etc. He holds his breath and starts to turn blue... Some kids even pass out. Thankfully, he hasn't done that yet. However, BHS tends to peek at about 18 months to 2 years...and can last as long as 8 years...but they do out grow it. Anyway, I'm just learning about BHS...and it's kind of crazy. But nothing to be overly concerned about...

I guess I'll end this marathon blog on this...
My boys...they are both pulling themselves up to standing now...and keeping me VERY busy. And Asia just made the exciting discovery that she can climb out of her bed by herself, so life is changing very quickly. The boys are crying...gotta go.