Monday, June 8, 2009

Sedentary Sunday

Enjoying the beautiful afternoon outside!

We try not to do much on Sunday. It's supposed to be our day of rest.

I mean we go to church and all...which those of you with more than one kid knows...that's a joke...definitely doesn't start our day of rest...with resting. :) It's completely hectic...trying to get everyone fed, dressed, into carseats, etc. Also, trying to figure out the best schedule for feeding the I feed them before we go...or just feed them at church. If I feed them at church...what's the point in going...since, I'll spend a good 30 to 40 minutes out...feeding, changing diapers, etc. Now that they are eating solids do I feed them when I'm out at a place without high chairs. I can't hold them and feed them at the same time...which is what I did with Asia. (Any tips would be appreciated.)

Ok...before I go completely off subject here...

This morning Brian headed out the door with the kids...and I was right behind...locking the door. I turned around...wondering why he stopped in the middle of the sidewalk...since we were running a little late! To make a long story short...there was a snake right by our van. I HATE SNAKES!!! We had nothing to kill it with. So, I ended up getting around and getting in the van...I then, proceeded to run over it MULTIPLE times. I went a little Psycho Mommy on it. :) Brian tried to convince me that it was dead...but it was definitely still moving. Let's just say...when I was done...It definitely wasn't wiggling at all. those of you that like snakes...but in my book...the ONLY good snake is a DEAD snake. I DO NOT try to figure out if it's posionous or not!!!

We made it to church...LATE! Which by the way...the kids did really well in. Asia was very wiggly but quiet. Leif slept. And Slater, just chilled out.

After lunch, I went to do my grocery shopping for the week. Now I remember why I do not shop on Sundays!!!

The big high light of the afternoon...was the ice cream truck came by. I told Asia we would get ice cream from it some day... So, we finally did. It was a big hit... I'll post some pics soon.

After supper, baths, etc. I decided to run out to Target, etc (about 30 minutes away)...cuz we needed some gifts for a bunch of people. While I was there...Brian called... He NEVER calls. The boys were screaming their full heads off. Asia was still awake. I finished up & hurried home... The kiddos finally went to bed around 9:30. The boys usually go down at around 7 and Asia at 8. So, maybe...they'll sleep in. HA! What a joke!

Anyway...I've been rambling on and on! So, I didn't have the "Sedentary Sunday" that I planned... But, I'm not complaining. It could have been worse.

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