Monday, June 8, 2009

Phantom Hair & The Biggest Loser

I got my hair chopped off on Saturday...and now, I'm suffering from what the girl who cuts my hair calls "Phantom Hair". If you've ever had a drastic haircut you know what I'm talking about. When you go to fling your hair behind your shoulder...only you don't have any. Or being startled...when you go to wash your hair...and there is nothing there to wash.

I really like it...and so does my hubby. He, actually, likes my hair better short. Weird! :) I hated it long...and was definitely ready for a change.
And, for those of you that knew that I was in a Biggest Loser type competition with my mom, hubby, and Micah for the last 12 weeks. I won! I am the Biggest Loser!!!! Yay!
I lost 9.6 pounds...which seems quite measly...but it was actually, quite difficult. It's hard to get out and exercise with all the kiddos(I don't have a triple stroller)...and by evening...I'm completely exhausted.
My mom says the struggle to lose weight has to do with my age. :) I'm approaching the big 30. I'll be 28 next month.
With Asia, I dropped pregnancy weight sooo fast...without any work at all. This time around...I gained about twice as much weight...and I'm struggling to lose it. I have to be careful not to lose weight to quickly also...because I'm nursing. I believe only about a pound a week is the recommended.
Anyway...I have about 10 more pounds to lose to get down to my pre-pregnancy, I'm still working at it.


Shilo said...

Oh, my! The cut suits you sooooooooo well! I love it!
And congrats on the weight loss! It does get hoo! Thirty was a great year for me...I found my first gray hair, have to get glasses and um hm...I noticed that kids drive cars these days??? Yes...I guess I am getting older, ha! :) Love you!

Kelly said...

Brooke, you look beautiful.