Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Sweetheart!

Yes...I'm still alive! I haven't been blogging because my dearest husband has been gone. He went hiking for four days with my brothers. Hopefully, he will be blogging about this soon...since there are some great pics!
While he was gone...I went and stayed with my folks...which was great...because Asia had a ton of space to run, swim,, help from my folks with the kiddos.
I really missed my hubby. Whenever he's's like a huge reality check...Holy Cow...He helps me sooo much...and I rely on him so much.
Darjeeling, I love you soooo much!

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Jia Le said...

SUCH a pretty picture of you, Brooke! Yay for having husbands back!! (Mine was gone a couple of weeks ago too.)