Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Worth a Chuckle

The other day I was looking for a picture for my Mother's Day post...and I ran across pictures from when I was pregnant with Asia. Let's just say it made me laugh. I wasn't going to blog about it...but my cousin who is pregnant right now...blogged about her size differences between pregnancies...so I thought I might as well.
April 2007...just a couple of days before Asia was born. WAS I EVEN PREGNANT? :) (We were hiking in a park near our house.)October 2008...the day before I had Leif & Slater. Hello...Look out here I come...Boy, was I massive. MOST DEFINITELY PREGGO!!! By this point...I could hardly walk...definitely no hiking for me. :)

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Jia Le said...

Ha ha ha... That's great, Brooke! Your back must have killed! This pregnancy has been a lot easier in many ways except my back bothers me a lot more... and this is a smaller baby! I'm glad those boys are out, looking so handsome and you are back to your "normal" self. ;-)