Friday, May 29, 2009

Thankful Thursday - Solid Food

I've been wanting to post something about starting the boys on solids...So, here I am...just about 2 1/2 weeks after starting them on solids. :) I spotted this excellent idea on someone else's blog...about having a Thankful Thursday.

You have no idea how thankful I am... I dreaded starting the boys on solids...

The Little Miss is NOT a very good eater...she will try anything...but will only take a bite or two. I feel like for the last two years...every meal is a chore...trying to coax her to eat just one more bite. Seriously, I wonder how she can survive on how much she eats.

So, when the boys hit six months...and I knew that I should think about starting the boys on some they were waking up more often, etc... But I sure did not want to!!!! Well, eventually, I got myself around to it...and HOLY COW... They are fantastic eaters. I am even trying to figure out if I should cut back on how much I'm feeding that they'll still nurse well. Slater only wants to nurse 4 times a day...sometimes 5. Leif wants to nurse 5 times. I'm still only giving them solids twice a day.

Any advice would be appreciated!!!

Here we are...getting started. Asia is very interested in this whole process... Normally, she's hanging on my back/reaching over my shoulder..."helping" me. :)
Leif...he eats his solids...but I think he still prefers to nurse.
Slater...He wasn't sure about it at first...but now he loves food!!! life...three kids in high chairs...
Slater loves carrots...well, everything so far!!
So, there you have it. I'm so thankful that my boys are GREAT eaters!


Shilo said...

That's wonderful, Brooke! I started out with solids twice a day too until he seemed like he wanted more. Now I think I do 4 times a day - 3 meals then cereal before bed so he sleeps through the night! :)

Jia Le said...

Yay! I've only had a really good eater... to the point that I wondered if he was eating too much sometimes... still do. =) I can't give advice though. He nursed really well too. I think as he got older I would wait 30 min or more after eating before nursing (this really helped the weaning process because nursing wasn't associated to anything). I'm sure if you are only feeding twice a day that they are still getting a good amount of milk.

I'm glad solids are going so well. Maybe Asia will rise up to the eating challenge that her brothers pose. =)

Rachael said...

that is so wonderful that the transition went so well!

love the picture of all 3 in highchairs, reminds me of my house :)

cat said...

Really something to be thankful for. Thanks goodness mine are too.