Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I've often seen "Flashback Fridays" or "Way Back Wednesdays" on other blogs...and I always enjoy seening how much the kids have grown. I know it is not Friday or Wednesday...it is Monday...actually, almost Tuesday. But, I have to blog when I can blog...so today it is.
Easter 2008
Here is my little princess last year for her very first Easter...back when she was an only child. :)
Easter 2009
This year...we had three kids that needed to cooperate for pictures...which they didn't. :) Plus, it was raining...so, pictures had to be indoors.
Asia...my darling...won't look at the camera... She really doesn't like pictures very much right now.
My boys...tired and hungry... So, no smiles. :)


Shilo said...

Oh gosh. Those three are the most adorable things ever. Especially the boys "holding hands'! :)

lscanlon said...

Love seeing the boys and holding hands, they will LOVE this picture later! Cherish these moments before they start moving and shaking the earth with their trucks! Hope to see them soon on a trip here if you can swing it!