Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Actual Day

There is another post right below this one...of Asia's Curious George Birthday make sure you check that one out too. Asia's quite obsessed with Curious you might sense a theme.
Asia got a Rocket...Curious George goes to space in a rocket...and even gets a medal for doing it.
Asia got a doctor kit... Curious George goes to the doctor.
Shot anyone?!?
Blueberry pancakes for Asia's Birthday supper...just like in the book. We had spaghetti at the party...Also a Curious George thing...He ate it by the yards and yards and got all tangled up in it.


Asia's Curious George Birthday Party

I'm not sure why this picture is turned like that...anyway...this cake was a joint effort with my mom...she did the hard part...the outlining...and I did the fill in.
3 generations
The girls at the party...the 3 Whidden girls and Faith Jeffries.
Kessa Whidden
Asia blowing out her candles.
Yummy...cake and ice cream(w/sprinkles).
Opening gifts.
Chris Jeffries
The only boy...besides Leif and Slater(but they're they don't count).

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dogwood Parade

The Dogwood Parade was this past Saturday. It was the kids very first parade...and we just had to walk a couple of blocks from our house.
The boys didn't care...except they really, really didn't like it when the fire trucks and police cars blew their horns and turned on their sirens. Asia really liked the animals...the dogs and horses. She also really liked it when Ronald McDonald, the Hamburgler, etc came by.
Waiting for the parade to start.

Petting a dog that came by.
Watching the big horses.
And the little horses.

The Kiddos

Ahhh...Yes...Our little Princess!!!
All 3 kids...They love playing with Asia and watching her play.
Asia and Leif
My big boys!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I've often seen "Flashback Fridays" or "Way Back Wednesdays" on other blogs...and I always enjoy seening how much the kids have grown. I know it is not Friday or is Monday...actually, almost Tuesday. But, I have to blog when I can today it is.
Easter 2008
Here is my little princess last year for her very first Easter...back when she was an only child. :)
Easter 2009
This year...we had three kids that needed to cooperate for pictures...which they didn't. :) Plus, it was, pictures had to be indoors. darling...won't look at the camera... She really doesn't like pictures very much right now.
My boys...tired and hungry... So, no smiles. :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Eggs

We dyed some Easter eggs with Asia today... You can't really tell in these pictures...but they were also covered in, now our house has glitter all over.

Micah's 21st/30th Birthday

My brother Micah keeps getting mistaken for being 21...when really he's, we've been teasing him about it.
Unable to blow out all the candles.
Uncle Micah and the boys
Micah's birthday lunch
Micah and Brandon being "funny" Leif some beer...root beer that is...don't worry they didn't actually give it to him.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fool's Day

We're big on celebrating holidays, etc. So, I made "sushi" for April Fool's Day!!! I made it using rice krispy treats, fruit roll-ups and twizzlers. They were yummy and looked pretty realistic from a distance. Actually, we love real sushi too!!! These were just for fun.