Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another 24 Hours

The following takes place between 7:50 PM and 5:30 AM

7:50—Asia is crying in bed so I go get her, ignore her cries for mama and calm her down myself. Finally, she goes back to bed.

8:05 time to feed the boys again…Leif decides he’s hungry—and we always try to feed them together. SO, we get both boys up and they’re eating. Hey, it’s been two hours.

8:20 Change Slater’s diaper again. Poopy.

Burp them, dress them, hold Slater for a while cuz he has hiccups.

8:50 Finally they are both down. I’m about ready to follow them.
9:00….time for bed

11:40 PM We overslept. Brooke says she woke up holding her alarm, so apparently she turned it off while semi-sleeping. I get the boys up. Two more diapers. Feeding. Burping. Ra Ra Ra.
12:40 Leif is down. Slater won’t go to bed. I hold him. I comfort him. I ask him to go to sleep. I say please. I pray to God. I beg to Slater.

1:40 AM. One hour later and Slater is still awake and so am I. Finally, we decide to have an early feeding and so I get up Leif also, and we start all over again.

2:40 AM. They are finally asleep.

4:40 AM I get the boys up again and change their diapers. Asia starts crying so I get her. She goes down with milk. But in about 5 minutes she is crying again. I realize that my shorts have suddenly become soaked. Apparently her princess pajamas are too. I go in and change her diaper and her pajamas and hold her until she goes down again. The girl is finally crying for dada instead of mama. That’s a good thing.

Asia is in bed with us, apparently It wasn’t just the wet diaper. She isn’t too happy.

5:30 the boys are down, and we are going back to bed. 24 hours is over. Another 24 has just began. The Fog of Fatherhood is in full force, but we have survived. Tune in some other time when we have the time to actually write down another season of Inside the Real 24: The Paternity Leave Chronicles!*

*No babies were harmed in the making of 24. Just parents.

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