Wednesday, March 4, 2009

24: The Paternity Leave Chronicles Episode 2

The following takes place between the hours of 8:45 and 11:30 AM

8:45 The boys are up. Asia, after a bit of comforting and a few kisses and a few more hugs is just fine after getting crushed by her changing table.

Diaper change time. I change one boy, hand him off to Brooke, start changing the other one, halfway through, Asia, trying to see what’s happening, manages to grab the cord of the baby monitor and pulls it off the dresser. I catch the monitor in midair with one hand while working on changing a diaper with the other. Just another day of lightning-quick daddyhood reflexes…The boys are soon eating.

9:45 Just finished feeding, burping, and putting down the boys. This included holding Slater for an additional 20 minutes because he had the hiccups, and changing his diaper. Again. They’re finally down.

I’m up. It’s a good morning so far.

9:50 I finally have a chance to make my coffee. Our blog “Java with the Johnsons” is not just a clever name after all.

Brooke calls to me. Apparently I didn’t put the boys close enough to each other in their crib. Slater is trying to roll himself closer to Leif. The theory that twins sleep better together is now proved to be a true one. For us at least.

While the coffee is brewing, I kiss Asia’s ouchy, and relax a bit. 11 diaper changes so far. I think. It could have been 9. Tomorrow’s episode: Cookie Crisis Meltdown!

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