Tuesday, March 3, 2009

24: The Paternity Leave Chronicles Episode 1

The following takes place between 5:30 and 8:40 AM.

5:30 AM--- We wake up the boys, I change their diapers and they have the first meal of the Season.

Then, first post-meal diaper change, not of the day, but of this 24 hour period. It was one of the twins. I can’t remember which one.

I think I changed two more before they went down after their 5:30 feeding at about 6:20.
Asia already decided to wake up at about 5:30. I tried to get her back to sleep. For once she was calling for “dada” instead of the “mama” thing. But, when I tried to put her down, she reverted to screaming “mama.” I took her in to see the twins and she hangs out during the feeding.
I change her. Brooke takes a milk-replenishing nap. I take care of Asia. The boys are sleeping.
8 AM—Asia has had breakfast, while watching Sid the Science Kid. Hey, it’s PBS, and it’s educational, and I’m too tired to care.

I change her diaper again, it’s wet. 5 minutes later, I change it again. It’s poopy this time. Do I count one extra diaper? The little sticky tag thingy broke off on her diaper so I had to use another one.

6 diaper changes so far, in 2 hours 10 minutes. If I didn’t actually change those two at the boys 5:30 feeding, my bad. I can’t remember for sure; I’m just a touch beyond utter exhaustion.
8:30—disposal of nuclear diaper waste. I think it’s close to the size (and potency) of The Football.

8:40—I start getting the boys up…a scream pierces the morning air. Asia has managed to pull over her changing table on top of herself for the first time ever. Pause, comfort. Check for broken bones…fortunately I was once an EMT. Will the boys first real outing be to the ER? Will Asia be all right? Tune in tomorrow for the next episode of 24: The Paternity Leave Chronicles!

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