Monday, March 9, 2009

24: Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The following takes place between 7:00 and 7:45 PM.

About 7:00 PM —An ear-shattering alarm suddenly explodes my daddy brain into readiness. I jump up and hear screams. Flames? Smoke? ….No, Asia set off the Carbon monoxide detector in her room. She’s not supposed to touch that button…but buttons are soo much fun to push. So she did. After calming a flipping-out daughter and getting the alarm off, all is once again calm. Asia is supposed to go to bed at 7 PM. Tonight it will be a bit later.

7:15—I read to Asia

7:35—Time for Asia to go to bed…she wants mama—no, she wants me.

No, Mama.

No, me.

Brooke has told her no more books tonight--- so she wants daddy. But, I get her and start taking her to bed, and when she finds out that I won’t read her any more books either, she stops being daddy’s little girl and starts crying for mommy again. Oh well. At least she has a love of good literature. Her favorite bedtime pal at this time is books. No kidding. She likes to have about three books in bed with her at night instead of stuffed animals. Finally she goes down.

7:45 I’m sitting watching The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, holding both boys, thinking about self-defense. While holding twin boys, how am I supposed to protect them if the Bad Guys come? There must be some sort of martial arts for parents of multiples—using only piercing screams and high kicks….I should Google it… Or make it up.

Somehow I could figure out how to use dirty diapers in lieu of throwing stars and numchucks, and use head butts and a diaper bag and my legs to protect my kiddos. I’m not sure. You just feel really vulnerable with both hands full. The boys are happy. I put them down.
Good. I can now revert to normal martial arts if the bad guys come.

Tomorrow: Another 24 Hours!

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