Sunday, March 8, 2009

24: Asia Awakes

The Following takes place between 2:20 and 6:15 PM.

2:20-2:40 Asia wakes up from her nap, but she is still really sleepy. For the first time I remember since she started walking, she cuddles….for 20mn. I get to hold my little thunderbolt, and that rarely happens when it’s not bedtime. Aww…

2:42-2:45…change Asia’s diaper. Aww…my goodness. What did she eat.

2:50 A friend from church brings supper.

3:00—time for boys to eat—I change Slater, He starts pooping on the changing table. But I’m good. I catch it all in the diaper….no wardrobe change necessary…yeah!...and then he pees all over his shirt. Great.

15 minutes later, change Leif’s diaper. He has flatulence that would make a 14-year old boy in freshman gym class proud. Frightening.

3:35—Brooke’s mom is at our house, and is burping Leif. Brooke asks me to dress Slater, until we suddenly smell Asia. Poopy diaper. Brooke makes a sudden about face and decides that if I can change the poopy diaper, she would be glad to dress Slater. I comply. Sometimes the mission requirements can change in a heartbeat. But the goals (parental and marital survival) remain the same.

4-5:20 Nap glorious nap. Not for Asia. For me. These days it takes me almost 45 seconds to fall asleep.

5:20-5:40 Supper…fast

5:40 Asia is ready for her bath, I clean up the dining room, and get the boys ready to eat. I have a break for one night… Brooke’s mom bathes Asia.

6:00 I get the boys ready to eat, two diapers, one poopy. Slater again pees everywhere. I change Leif, by the time I get him into the living room, he’s already dirtied his diaper. I underestimated his ability to refill his Huggies.

6:15—The boys are eating, I rearrange Asia’s room to get her crib away from the outside wall which is colder than the other side of the room.

I change Leif’s poopy diaper. Really poopy. By the time I get him back into the living room, this time it’s wet. I once again have underestimated his ability to refill with speed. Tomorrow: Carbon Monoxide Alarm!

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