Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Newest Little Pumpkins

There are a couple of new posts below this one...including one about our Halloween Ballerina and one about the arrival of the boys.

Leif on the left and Slater on the right.


theBABBfamily said...

Congratulations you guys! Your family is just beautiful. You have truly been BLESSED.

Citizen said...

Awww! All three are too adorable! Congratulations!!! I have loved checking in on your blog at regular intervals and watching Asia grow (and her brothers!). I laughed so hard with your post "An abdomen of interest". My least favorite part of being pregnant is all the comments especially toward the end. I get a little grouchy when someone (usually male) asks the age old question, "What are you doing still here?" They are lucky not to end up with a black eye. =P
You guys are in my prayers as you continue the journey of parenthood with a little higher level of demand. God is faithful!
Caryn Gilbert

Grant and Tracey Whidden said...

Congratulations again! They're just so cute (all three of them). Asia looked adorable in her costume. :) I haven't wanted to bother you guys, but please feel free to call if you want/need to (if you even have any "spare" time). I've heard the feedings are going well... Praying for you as you adjust from 1 to 3 kiddos. :)


Kate said...

OH MY HEAD!!!!!!! :D Twin BOYS?!!!!! Ack, BIG CONGRATS...I know, I'm late and all but YAY just seeing these great picts!!!! Wow, soo happy for you guys....beautiful family!