Wednesday, September 24, 2008

An Unbiased Daddy Post

When my daughter was born, I always figured she was the cutest little girl ever. Except for perhaps her mother at that age.
This morning, I had my assumptions confirmed.
As I got ready for work my big 16 month old helper picked up both of my socks and my hat, and handed them to me one by one as I put them on. I think I just about melted.
Yes, that is my daughter’s finger, and that would be me wrapped all the way around it.
But that’s just temporary. It’ll only last a lifetime.


My Place of Peace said...


Grant and Tracey Whidden said...

(Replying to your comment). That's hilarious about Asia stripping down! I remember Kessa doing that, but we still put Leya and Adeline in "sleep sacks" for blankets...and the zipper is at the bottom. :) Adeline is really funny about clothes though. If her shirt gets messy at a meal and I go to take it off, she gets hysterical with tears. But she'll pull at her clothes and whine during the day if she wants them off or something. Whenever I carry laundry back to put it away, she starts pulling at her shirt and she wants me to change her clothes. Yeah, be careful with Asia...I've heard stories of kids doing that with a messy diaper (I think Kessa did that once but I caught her in time). You don't want your walls to be painted with something that's not paint! :)

Grant and Tracey Whidden said...

Oh, and very sweet post Brian. :) They just melt your heart, don't they? I know Grant feels the same way.