Monday, February 25, 2008

Various Things

Hey, so I did have a decent late birthday party with a multi-layer chocolate peanut butter cake that washed away the memory of my stale gas station birthday donut. Brooke made it...she's quite the chef.
Here's the princess! Enjoying her first Valentine's day. She's doing awesome-- just took about 16 steps today!Asia likes her mirror--or maybe she just likes to look at herself...
No, it's not snow. It's Missouri ice. We were stuck in our house for a couple of days this last week. The hills and curves on back roads in MO are...challenging.
Pulling mommy's hair....what fun!

Asia loooves going for rides!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Brian's Birthday Bash

Checking out our snow covered car... travel on I-35 is not advised...
Brian's birthday lunch @ Quizno's... Asia's not too sure about her daddy...
All partied out...

The coffee shop that we tried to go closed last week...
The gas station coffee that Brian got coffee from instead...
Birthday donuts from the gas station...
We had pizza too!!! What a way to celebrate!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Snowbound @ Super8

Well, we're snowbound in Ankeny, Iowa.
Asia's still smiling. Our trip has been really good trip so far. We had the chance to share at three churches in Minnesota. And, Asia took her first step.
Happiness is a warm bath and a toy alligator, even when you're stuck in a motel hundreds of miles from home.
Asia and daddy had a nice walk through the snow.
We're getting kind of tired, so we're just going to rest together for a minute.
Even though it's cold and kept us from getting home, the snow is awfully pretty.

Well, tomorrow we'll probably be on the road again. Daddy and Asia will have to play "rock, paper, scissors" to decide who gets to drive.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

MinneSNOWta in the Winter

Here we are at a revolving restaurant in Duluth...the frozen Lake Superior in the background. It was cold... Wind Chill of -34 degrees...or something.
The Winter Carnival in St. Paul...too bad there was a warm day earlier in the week...this was the only ice sculpture left standing.
Trying to find things to do inside because of the cold weather... our first visit to IKEA...